Welcome to Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue (BRBCR) and Our New Website!

Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue is dedicated to finding good homes for deserving Border Collies giving them another chance. We promote public awareness of the working breed, encourage owner involvement in dog sports through public demonstrations and events, provide foster care and rehabilitation to those endangered, and promote spay/neuter of companions.

A special thank you to Jim Johnson for creating this new site!


Coming Soon! The 1000th Dog Adopted Through BRBCR!

We are currently at dog #997 with several contracts pending. We expect to hit this magic number sometime in April 2014. Stay tuned!

BRBCR Annual Meeting Held at Sylvia King's Quiet Acre Farm in Grottoes Virginia!

AnnualMeeting2AThe Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue annual meeting was held at Sylvia King's farm in Grottoes on February 15, 2014. Over 20 members and there were also lots of Border Collies! A great time was had by all. Here are the highlights of the meeting:

CONGRATULATIONS, BRBCR, ON YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR TO DATE! 107 adoptions took place, which is a record! Overall, we have adopted out 970 dogs since BRBCR was started, which means that given a little luck, we'll hit 1,000 border collies saved this year. Give yourselves a pat on the back, job well done! Thank you for all your hard work in saving border collies!

We will be getting a new website! BRBCR.org will be the same, but we're getting a new facelift with a designated member area and login. Everyone will have their own separate login, so be on the lookout for an e-mail announcement. We plan to open the new website on April 2nd.

We would like to fill the following volunteer positions, and interested people should contact Debbie Clark:


Transportation coordinator (coordinates all of our transportation of dogs around the state and works closely with an intake coordinator when we pull the dogs from shelters, as well as working with people volunteering for transport).

Intake coordinator (charts and keeps track of dogs we take in and from the sources we get them, works closely with the transportation coordinator to move the dogs)

Webmaster (since we have all kinds of new control over our website instead of it being a finished template, we'd like someone to help us further customize and maintain the website, as well as make sure it's secure)

Board Members: Debbie Clark, John Gudgel, and myself were re-elected (or elected formally, in my case) to continue board positions.

Social Media: We will be having more of a presence in social media (adding Twitter and a blog to our media offerings) as well as beginning an e-mail newsletter to be sent out with BRBCR news, dogs available for adoption, and articles. If you're interested in writing some articles (fairly informal), please let me know! I'll be looking for submissions in the coming weeks. More details to come on this project.

Public Feedback: We have gotten some really wonderful feedback from people regarding the responsiveness of our volunteers. I've gotten e-mails from people who have said that we are the most responsive and "fast-acting" rescue group they've ever encountered, that we are thorough in our background checks, and that they are impressed with our professionalism. Keep up the good work!

Thank You! A big thank you to Sylvia who allowed those of us that could make it to the meeting to party at her beautiful home with our dogs. :)

We will have more news later on, so please keep your eyes peeled. Thank you, Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue Volunteers, for making this rescue successful and helping us save more lives than ever!


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