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2016 Jax06

BREED: Border Collie mix
DOB: 2010
WEIGHT: 54 lbs
COAT: Rough
COLOR: Black and White
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Active Companion

Meet Jax!

Jax is a special boy looking for a special home. He is a full vetted, 6 year old Border Collie mix. Jax has a Border Collie coat and markings, but has the build of a sporting breed. He weighs less than 55 pounds. When gently spoken to, he wings his floppy ears out to the side and happily wags his tail. He loves to give kisses on the chin and to receive scratches in a special place behind his ear. He has a beautiful loping gate and would make a great running or hiking dog. He can catch anything: Treats, balls, Frisbees. He does not always bring toys back but he does love to catch and chase. Jax loves food of all kinds and is very responsive to positive reinforcement.

Jax is a great house dog. He was fully house trained (and deck trained) from day one. He is crate trained but quickly earned his foster mom’s trust so his crate door is rarely closed. He loves nothing more than to be in the same room as his person, quietly chewing on a toy or sleeping. Jax is very respectful of physical boundaries (baby gates, ex-pens, crates and fences) and earned full yard privileges early on. Overall, Jax is fairly low maintenance, he does not ask for much beyond regular meals, a gentle word, walks and a warm place to sleep.

Jax does have allergies which causes his coat to thin during certain times of the year. Regular bathing and flea control help. The good news is that he is easy to bathe and brush. Jax ignores larger animals such as cows and horses, but gets a little too excited over small animals, especially cats.

Jax’s perfect home would be as an only dog with a confident and experienced person as a companion. He would prefer a quiet home where there would not be a lot of strangers coming and going and no children. Jax is an indoor dog but would love to have a fenced yard to keep him safe, while he patrols or lies in the sun. As a bonus, Jax would love to have someone who would work with him on obedience or tricks training.

To start the adoption process, please fill out an application and then contact Justine at All potential adopters are required to have a home visit prior to placement of one of our rescues. Jax's adoption fee is $250, and we offer a two-week trial period when you adopt one of our dogs.

Thank you for considering a rescue!

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